Leftover Lumber Love – A Valentine’s Trivet

Trivet-CropThere was a little pile of lumber leaning up against the door frame to the patio, tucked in a corner that could be ignored until you wanted to lean something else in the same spot. I’ve never been a fan of throwing useful things away, content to have it lay ready for the day I needed a few feet of lumber to build something small. With the recent acquisition of a sample can of paint, I put that lumber to good use to test out the paint and make a fun little Valentine’s project. Continue reading “Leftover Lumber Love – A Valentine’s Trivet”

Modernizing Dressers


We’ve all been there – you move out for the first time and your family donates their old furniture to you or allows you to take the furniture you grew up with. While it seems great at the time, eventually your tastes change, and you begin to want your furniture to tie in with the rest of your belongings. Buying new furniture can be really expensive, and if you already have good quality stuff, why get rid of it? All you need to do is modernize it. Continue reading “Modernizing Dressers”