Sitting Pretty On A Mid-Century Makeover

Title Piece Chairs
Last summer while away in a small town near the Okanagan in BC, we were pleased to see that there was a neighbourhood garage sale. As DIY’ers will know, there’s something thrilling about poking around other people’s unwanted treasures. I showed great restraint when I saw a pair of mid-century kitchen chairs in need of some love. When they were still there at the end of the day, and I was still eyeing them, Scott finally said, “Go ahead!” My in-laws agreed I could store the chairs at their place until I was ready to work on them. Continue reading “Sitting Pretty On A Mid-Century Makeover”

Indian Chic Makes Cushions Unique


A month or so ago, our neighbour offered me some beautiful Indian clothes for the purpose of re-crafting. The colours were so bright on one and the beading so intricate on another, that I couldn’t say no. Fast forward to this past weekend and we were suddenly in the position of needing a gift for a friend’s birthday. Continue reading “Indian Chic Makes Cushions Unique”

Leftover Lumber Love – A Valentine’s Trivet

Trivet-CropThere was a little pile of lumber leaning up against the door frame to the patio, tucked in a corner that could be ignored until you wanted to lean something else in the same spot. I’ve never been a fan of throwing useful things away, content to have it lay ready for the day I needed a few feet of lumber to build something small. With the recent acquisition of a sample can of paint, I put that lumber to good use to test out the paint and make a fun little Valentine’s project. Continue reading “Leftover Lumber Love – A Valentine’s Trivet”