How Star Wars influenced a life of making.

Star Wars has always been a large and important part of my life. A New Hope came out when I was 368 days old and as legend has it it was the first movie I ever saw as my parents took me along when they saw it at the drive in. Continue reading “How Star Wars influenced a life of making.”

A Cookie Monster for the ages.

Cookie-Lead-ImageA brief backstory on this project. My late stepmother was something of a tchotchke acquirer. Not a collector, there was no theme, but an acquirer of random cutesy impulse purchases acquired over the years which slowly festooned the interior and exterior of the house I grew up in. One of these was a plaster Cookie Monster garden statue. Continue reading “A Cookie Monster for the ages.”

Leftover Lumber Love – A Valentine’s Trivet

Trivet-CropThere was a little pile of lumber leaning up against the door frame to the patio, tucked in a corner that could be ignored until you wanted to lean something else in the same spot. I’ve never been a fan of throwing useful things away, content to have it lay ready for the day I needed a few feet of lumber to build something small. With the recent acquisition of a sample can of paint, I put that lumber to good use to test out the paint and make a fun little Valentine’s project. Continue reading “Leftover Lumber Love – A Valentine’s Trivet”

Delicious Mysterious Chocolate Chip Cookies


I am always on the search for new and delicious foods to make, especially cookies! One of my new favourite recipes is for a chocolate chip cookie. The recipe was found slightly incomplete and tucked between the pages of a cookbook that belonged to my grandmother. It was a mysterious and exciting find. If a recipe is going to be delicious, it’s going to come from a grandmother, especially mine. Continue reading “Delicious Mysterious Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Is there a respirator in your tool box?

Scott wearing a P100 respirator.

They’re hot, they’re sweaty, they make you sound like Darth Vader and they leave marks on your face when taken off, but after many years of stubbornness and/or vanity, I now always have some form of respirator handy when I’m working on a dusty project. But which one is the right one to have handy when you start your next project?

Continue reading “Is there a respirator in your tool box?”