About Create Some Happy

We met back in 2009 when Scott’s aunt decided we would get along well as we were both creative. Turns out this was true! What began as small gifts for each other – glass painted items, small paintings, and hand crafted stuffed toys – turned into designing our own wedding invitations and decorations. Our creative interests have expanded to include furniture restoration, baking, cooking, reupholstery, and… well, whatever we can dream up. Create Some Happy is our creative journey and one that we hope will inspire others to create some happy of their own!

About Nina

Being creative has always made me happy. As I grew up, I tried a variety of crafts – drawing, painting, knitting, cross stitch, rug hook, crochet, macramé, sewing, papier maché, book making, wood crafts…etc. I credit my mum and grandma for getting me interested in needlecraft. I used to sit on the floor of my mum’s sewing room pretending to sell her buttons while she worked away at her sewing machine. My grandmother would patiently teach me knitting and cross stitch, although it wasn’t until adulthood that I finally asked for a beginner’s knitting book and tried again. Sewing became a necessity. I was tall and couldn’t find clothes to fit, so out of frustration, I decided to make my own. It was easier than I thought! Now, my creativity has expanded to photography, bead work, glass painting, cooking, baking, and furniture restoration. I can thank my dad for my intrigue with woodcraft. He used to let my sister and I play with scrap wood, nails, and a hammer. While I never made anything much more than a simple Barbie bed with a very uncomfortable wood pillow, it must have sparked my interest. Some of my happiest memories of time spent with my dad include visits to Beaver Lumber. The smell of cedar still makes me smile. As an adult, my interest in crafts and creativity keeps expanding. Whatever it is, if I can create something, I love it. This makes me happy.

About Scott

I grew up with tools, craft supplies and access to anything in the house I took an interest in. My Dad built me an electronics board of scrap parts that I could complete circuits to make lights turn on and buzzers buzz and how to use power tools and end the day with the same amount of fingers you started with. My Mom taught me to bake, sew and knit. Eventual step parents helped build on that foundation.

It was a youth spent building everything from imaginary video game levels to swinging a sledgehammer to break up an old patio; all the while being taught the ethic that hard work and a DIY attitude can get you much of what your want and need in life. Conan doesn’t agree.

Eventually a career in graphic design followed and I’ve always been creating. From pushing pixels to creating comic books, to building furniture from deconstructed shipping pallets or seeing if corn will grow on a second story balcony (it can!), I’ve followed my curiosity wherever it leads. I’ve painted my own walls, hung paintings I painted myself on those walls and fixed my own car before cars got too complex to fix in a driveway. I’ve done it all with optimism and a strange sense of humour.