Indian Chic Makes Cushions Unique


A month or so ago, our neighbour offered me some beautiful Indian clothes for the purpose of re-crafting. The colours were so bright on one and the beading so intricate on another, that I couldn’t say no. Fast forward to this past weekend and we were suddenly in the position of needing a gift for a friend’s birthday.

Our friend had invited us to her party and so I asked her if there was something special she would like. She responded with, “ I love old school bohemian stuff…an old piece of wood makes me happy!! I love ur (sic) style…!” Well, this was on a Thursday night and the party was on the Sunday… Not a lot of time for crafting something out of wood. I tried. I visited a print shop that was closing down and getting rid of some of their furniture and I went to the Salvation Army to see if there was something cool there I could re-purpose, but nothing grabbed my attention. Then, inspiration struck around 2am on Saturday. (Seriously. Sometimes trying to figure out crafting projects keeps me awake because I get excited about them.) I decided it was time to create something with the Indian clothes.

Our friend has her parents’ original 1970s sofa at her place. It is very retro looking with big orange flowers and green leaves, but it’s pretty cool. I decided the Indian vest would be a perfect fit. I began by examining the vest on my cutting board. I decided it was best suited to make rectangular cushions.


I cut the pieces out and then put them on top of a double sheet of polyester batting to cut the pieces to size. I used four layers. (Mental note – next time, cut slightly smaller than the final pillow size to account for the seams of the pillow.)



Next, using my sewing machine, I sewed three of the sides together with the right sides (outward facing sides) together. I then turned the pillow right side out, carefully slid in the polyester fill so that it lay flat, and then sewed up the fourth side using a slip stitch. The whole project only took a few hours. I have to admit, I was thrilled with the final result. So was our friend.


And her 70’s sofa now has that extra pop of colour and little bit of extra pizzazz!


3 thoughts on “Indian Chic Makes Cushions Unique”

  1. Love the cushions. They remind me of clutch purses. The patterns of the sofa and cushions are very complimentary.

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